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The Access Web - Table Of Contents


A listing of all articles, grouped by sections, that are currently available on the website.  Each page is listed only once.


  1. Call the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog box
  2. BrowseFolder Dialog
  3. Enumerating Local and Network Drives
  4. Shell and Wait
  5. Return a unique filename in a sequence
  6. Search for a file
  7. Find out if an application is currently running
  8. Get Login name
  9. Get computer name
  10. Return temporary, system, and installed directories
  11. Play MIDI/Avi/Wav files
  12. System Metrics
  13. Get Class name of a running app
  14. Return a temporary unique file name
  15. Read a value from the registry
  16. Exit Windows
  17. Retrieve Locale Info
  18. Start an app with ShellExecute
  19. Manipulate Access Window
  20. Get Short and Long file names
  21. Make code go to Sleep
  22. Remove Close button from maximized forms
  23. Find the associated EXE file
  24. Daylight Savings Time & PreciseDateDiff
  25. Close another Application
  26. Copy a database
  27. hWnd of Controls
  28. Change cursor while editing
  29. Detect Available Resolutions
  30. Interrupt running code
  31. Access/Office and AddressOf Operator
  32. Drag and Drop from Explorer
  33. Enumerating System Fonts
  34. Detect Application Activate/Deactivate
  35. Put an image in Access window
  36. Track IntelliMouse's Wheel
  37. Suppress the "Printing" Dialog
  38. Suppress the "Loading Image" dialog
  39. Retrieve NT Server's Time
  40. Retrieve Current User's NT Domain
  41. Preventing multiple instances of a database
  42. Copy an image to the Clipboard
  43. Put a custom icon in the form's caption bar
  44. Displaying a custom Mouse icon
  45. Subclassing form for SysTray functionality
  46. Replacement for Sendkeys
  47. Enabling Full Row Select in a ListView
  48. Enabling Full Row Select in a Treeview
  49. Copy variables/control contents to memory
  50. Rotate Text
  51. Read/Set Internet Explorer URL from code
  52. Determining Combobox's Dropped state
  53. Drawing images on an Access form
  54. Retrieving a Special Folder's location
  55. Retrieving Operating System Name
  56. Changing button captions in GetOpenFileName dialog
  57. Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a report's Preview Window
  58. Enumerating user accounts in a NT Domain
  59. Changing Access's Priority under NT/Win2000
  60. Calling Windows Choose Color Dialog
  61. Calling Windows Choose Font Dialog
  62. Return the UserID currently logged on a remote machine
  63. Close the VBE window in Access 2000
  64. Change the ForeColor and Bold properties of a selected node in Treeview
  65. Get Version of Office Exes (detecting Office patches)
  66. Get full name of the user currently logged in to the system
  67. Perform IP Lookups and resolve addresses
  68. Bypassing Autoexec
  69. Find out if the database container window is currently visible


  1. Common Functions like CurrentDB, str$, Mid$ fail to work
  2. Automation Error error messages, unable to change/save/delete a database object
  3. Cannot Start Data Access Object error message
  4. Numlock key keeps turning off
  5. Access minimizes to Windows 95/NT toolbar instead of closing
  6. Database name isn't an index this table
  7. Run-Time Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object
  8. Solving Access IPFs with /Decompile
  9. Error registering Comcat.dll in registry during Install
  10. Error 3014 - Can't Open Any More Tables
  11. Mailmerge starts new instance of Access
  12. Bookmark Bug
  13. License problems
  14. Office SR1 does not work in Win 98
  15. Report returns more records than query
  16. Access bugs fixed by Office 97 SR2
  17. Couldn't Find Installable ISAM
  18. Hyperlink with "mailto:" tag opens two windows
  19. Error 53 when calling functions from custom DLL
  20. Compile Error in Hidden Module
  21. Maximum length strings crash Access Security Wizard
  22. Solving VBS Error '800a01ad' on CreateObject in ASP/IIS
  23. Code changes are lost during a recompile of code
  24. TransferDatabase Causes Page Fault If Object Exists
  25. Undefined Function in Expression (Error 3985)
  26. Form_Resize fires after Form_Close on maximized forms
  27. Database Won't Open
  28. Access 2000: Compile Error in converted database
  29. WebBrowser control: Run-Time error '438'
  30. No read Permissions on "MsysModules2"
  31. Access 2000: Type Mismatch or User Defined Type Not Defined
  32. Access 2000: Can't Open/Convert Access 97 MDEs
  33. Access 2000: Setup Flags
  34. Access 2000: Formatting MsgBox's with '@'
  35. To Hide or Not To Hide
  36. Access 97 fails to start after Access 2000 Uninstall
  37. Access 2000: Corrupt VBA Project message during conversion
  38. Using Group by along with NZ results in unreadable characters
  39. How to Install Access 97 and Access 2000 on the Same Computer
  40. Access 2000 ADPs: Memo field corruption
  41. Database password appears to be set
  42. Access 2000: DeleteObject code doesn't work
  43. Image Control may cause a GPF when browsing between records
  44. Access 2000: Differences between Jet Compact and Access Compact
  45. Jet 4.0 SP3: Text IISAM does not work without txt file extension
  46. Access 2000: Changes made to code in referenced databases are not saved



  1. Calculate Age of a person
  2. Return a date in the future from a given date
  3. Calculate differences in time
  4. Return Dates in US #mm/dd/yyyy# format
  5. Calculate Number of Working Days
  6. Various Date manipulation functions
  7. How to handle midnight in calculations
  8. Time, adding and subtracting time and timesheets
  9. Determining Average Time
  10. How many Sundays between two dates
  11. Doing WorkDay Math in VBA


  1. Use Variables in SQL behind forms
  2. Find out if a form is open
  3. Cycle through controls with common names
  4. Enumerate all controls on a form
  5. Have the form move to the record selected in List/Combo box
  6. Return Strings from Option Groups
  7. Use Multi-Select List boxes as query parameters
  8. Grab what the user has typed in a control (uncommitted value)
  9. Fill Fields automatically on form based on a control's value
  10. Detect new record in a form
  11. Move cursor to the end of text in a textbox
  12. Carry current value of a control to new records
  13. Form doesn't open as Modal even though Modal property is set to true
  14. Suspend code until a popup form is closed
  15. Add item to combo box using OnNotinList event
  16. Disable PgUp/PgDown keys in a form
  17. Determine name of parent form
  18. Resolve #Name error in a form/report
  19. Use ControlTipText to display textbox value
  20. Make a label flash
  21. Delete current record
  22. #Error when the Subform has no records
  23. Cannot ApplyFilter on SubForm
  24. Colors and Continuous forms
  25. Refer to Controls on a tabbed form
  26. Duplicate "Record x of y"
  27. Ask before saving record
  28. Limit content of combo/list boxes
  29. Hide a subform if no records present
  30. Handle/Display images in forms/database
  31. Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls
  32. Create a clock on a form
  33. Determine selected records in datasheet view
  34. Open a form in an external database
  35. Set defaults for Find Dialog box
  36. Form only allows new records to be entered
  37. OnMouseOver Effect
  38. Control Arrays in Access
  39. Tooltips don't seem to work on certain controls
  40. Close all open forms and "For Each" syntax
  41. Make Numeric and Date fields respond to Plus or Minus keys
  42. Move and Resize form windows from code
  43. Adding "All" to a listbox or combobox
  44. Displaying photos in a form
  45. Adding a Search form to a database
  46. Display a dialog box for a specified duration
  47. Changing the Background Color of the Current Record in a Continuous Form
  48. First Control in a ReadOnly subform retains focus
  49. Callback function for a Multi Column List box
  50. Mini Calendar
  51. Clock From Around The World
  52. Calendar Month View
  53. Shaped Forms
  54. TSI Subforminator!
  55. Solid Block Font for use on continuous forms
  56. Update All Open Forms


  1. Convert Access databases to Executables
  2. Automatically resize forms to current screen resolution
  3. Access, Office and Year 2000
  4. Determine name of sub/function where error occurred
  5. Prevent Access from closing
  6. Reset Autonumber field in Table
  7. Path and Folder location for databases
  8. Importing Excel spreadsheets from code
  9. Send Fax/Email from Access
  10. Run Word 97 MailMerge
  11. Some common Access specifications
  12. Commonly used naming conventions
  13. Why CompactCurrentDatabase doesn't work from code
  14. Learn about the new Acecss Virus
  15. Run Dos Batch files from Access
  16. Cannot open Access databases in previous versions
  17. Automation object doesn't close automatically
  18. DLookup Usage Samples
  19. Use LIKE in queries and code
  20. Inputbox and Password Masks
  21. How to create Shortcuts on Desktop
  22. How to duplicate VBA code in Perl using OLE
  23. Generic Name Structures in Access
  24. Troubleshoot conversion to Access 97 problems
  25. Use Autonumbers properly
  26. Connect your database to the web
  27. Runtime command line argument doesn't work
  28. Run wizards from code
  29. Replace the Access splash screen
  30. Reading a drive's Volume Label
  31. Show/Hide database window from code
  32. Email/Export Charts from Access
  33. Jet 4.0 Replication
  34. Who's logged in?
  35. Copy CommandBars and Import/Export Specifications to a new database
  36. Displaying IP Addresses by using an Input mask
  37. What was that password again?
  38. Bits and Bitmasks
  39. Access 2000: Hiding Replace Tab in Find/Replace Dialog
  40. Securing AllowBypassKey


  1. Convert Currency ($500) into words (Five Hundred Dollars)
  2. Use variables to call functions
  3. Read Word Document Properties (Author, Last Print Date etc.)
  4. Return a concatenated list of sub-record values
  5. Opening another database in the same instance
  6. Sample Excel Automation
  7. Run Excel Macros through Automation
  8. Concatenate fields in same table
  9. Check to see if a File or Directory exists
  10. Filter a recordset
  11. Disable Shift key
  12. Domain Aggregate Functions Replacements
  13. Use Class modules to return Dir and File names
  14. Check if an object exists in the database
  15. Use FTP
  16. Conquer RunCommand Constants
  17. VB Switchboard Utility
  18. Import Outlook 98 messages
  19. Send Email using CDO/Outlook 98
  20. VB5 Compact Database utility (Access 97)
  21. Maintain a history of changes
  22. References Wizard
  23. Class Builder Wizard
  24. Compile Project
  25. PrivDBEngine and Startup Properties
  26. Forms Wizard
  27. Bill Of Materials
  28. Using WithEvents to get saved filenames
  29. Access Downsizer
  30. Access 97 Compactor Addin
  31. Code Comment Builder Wizard
  32. Class Information Wizard
  33. TSI Synchronizer
  34. Creating a reference to a Class in a Library database
  35. Transferring Records to Excel with Automation
  36. Specify UserName & Password for new Access instance
  37. Internet Data Transfer Library
  38. Determining who has Word Doc file open
  39. Getting the Decompile and Compact context menu options
  40. CodeWriter 2.0
  41. VBA Developer's Handbook - Replacement for functions in Chapter 12
  42. Scheduler Utility
  43. Opening a new Word document based on a template through Automation
  44. Determining the number of dimensions for an array
  45. Backup Wizard
  46. Exporting an Excel worksheet as a CSV file
  47. Spelling number, in many languages (PolyGlot Number Speller)
  48. Rotate Label ActiveX Control
  49. TSI Xpression 9.0
  50. TSI Form/Report to Data Access Page Wizard
  51. File Search and Properties Object
  52. Using DAO code in ADPs
  53. File Change Notification Component
  54. Implementing a custom Rounding procedure
  55. LDB Viewer Form
  56. Search Wizard
  57. Reading Text Files
  58. Text Export Class
  59. Class for sending emails through GroupWise
  60. File Slice Wizard
  61. TSI Word to the Wise
  62. Automating Internet Explorer 5


  1. Use a parameter to return all records if Null
  2. Return database object names
  3. Open Parameter queries from code
  4. Have query return highest/lowest value in a field
  5. Use a variable in a field's criteria
  6. Have a query return every nth record in a table
  7. Find Unmatched records between two tables
  8. Find Duplicate key values
  9. Solving problems with Dates in SQL
  10. Create a query that returns Top n records
  11. Create a query that returns Random records
  12. Turn off the default Action query confirmations
  13. Too few parameters, expected n
  14. Simplify action queries in code
  15. Handling floating-point, Currency, and Decimal Datatype in SQL
  16. Finding all X having all required Y
  17. Fixed column name and crosstabs
  18. Continuous sequence, maximum length (stroke)
  19. Quartiles, Percentiles
  20. Getting a related field from a GroupBy (total) query
  21. Merging sequences
  22. Jet-MSDE: DELETE * FROM Table1; Incorrect syntax near '*'
  23. BOM, with Joe Celko Nested Sets


  1. Printout Multiple copies of a report
  2. Print only the current record to a report
  3. Handle reports from a modal form
  4. Show totals at bottom of report
  5. Use Multiselect listbox to limit records in report
  6. Close report automatically if no data found
  7. Handle Null values in fields
  8. Send a report via EMail
  9. Change printers from code
  10. Variable Grow Box Report
  11. Open a report in an external database
  12. Printing First and Last Page Numbers for Report Groups
  13. Use a recordset as report's datasource
  14. Bring up Print Dialog from code
  15. Count the Number of Groups on a Report
  16. Printing Page Numbers on multi column report
  17. Displaying timelines on a report
  18. Lines/Graphics not retained in Word/RTF Export
  19. Custom Zoom in Reports


  1. Books and Magazines
  2. Downloads: Index
  3. Related Access/VBA sites
  4. Access Related Patches
  5. Products
  6. Technical Papers


  1. Parse one field's data into multiple fields
  2. Extract characters from a string containing both numbers and characters
  3. Parsing character separated string into individual components
  4. Replace a character with another within one string
  5. Capitalize first character of every word automatically
  6. Convert all text to Upper/Lower case
  7. Increment Numeric portion of a string
  8. Names with Mixed cases


  1. How to find out if a table exists in a database
  2. "Too many fields defined" error message
  3. Referential Integrity between databases
  4. Hide a table in Database Window
  5. Have Autonumber field start from a value different from 1
  6. How to perform Seek on Linked Tables
  7. Retrieve linked database namepath
  8. Create Hyperlink Field from code
  9. Relink Access tables from code
  10. Relink ODBC tables from code
  11. Oracle Synonyms
  12. Relink tables from different datasources
  13. Sub-classing Entities
  14. Creating DSNs from code
  15. Synchronization without Replication
  16. Creating an AutoNumber field from code
  17. Lookup Table Manager
  18. Recover records from a corrupt table

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