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Reports: Index of Articles

Printout Multiple copies of a report

Use the PrintOut Method to specify number of copies you want to print

Print only the current record to a report

Filter a report by using the Where argument of the OpenReport method

Handle reports from a modal form

Provide access to all report specific menus and the report itself from a modal form 

Show totals at bottom of report

Use a control to compute the totals

Use Multiselect listbox to limit records in report

Dynamically generate the SQL to include the values from a multiselect list box in order to filter the report

Close report automatically if no data found

Use the NoData event to close a report

Handle Null values in fields

Prevent a null value from causing errors in expressions

Send a report via EMail

How to email a formatted report

Change printers from code

How to change printer information or the printers themselves from code

Boxes with variable dimensions

How to grow boxes dynamically with varying sizes at runtime

Reports: Save a report's output as a PDF file

Output a report to a PDF file at runtime

Open a report in an external database

Use Automation to open a report in an external database

Printing First and Last Page Numbers for Report Groups

How to print page numbers for groups of records

Use a recordset as report's datasource

Set a report's datasource to a public recordset at runtime

Bring up Print Dialog from code

Use the RunCommand method to provide users with the flexibility of changing print options at runtime

Count the Number of Groups on a Report

How to count the number of groups

Printing Page Numbers on multi column report

Print page numbers per column on a multi-column, multi-page report

Displaying timelines on a report

Display dynamic timelines on a report

Lines/Graphics not retained in Word/RTF Export

Access does not retain formatting when doing the RTF export

Custom Zoom in Reports

Use the undocumented ZoomControl property of a report

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