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Call Windows File Open/Save Dialog box

How to allow the user to select a file by calling the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog

Call Windows Browse for Folder Dialog box

Retrieve the folder name that the user selected by calling the standard Browse folder dialog

Get Local Drives and UNC Path of network drives

Detect all the available drive letters and retrieve the UNC path of the drives connected to the network

Have Access pause until Shelled process has finished

Make your code wait while the shelled application is still running

Retrieve Unique Filenames for mass export

Programmatically retrieve sequential file names (tmp00009.dat, tmp00010.Dat, tmp00011.Dat etc)

Search for a file

Use the FileSearch Object or SearchTreeForFile API to locate a file on the hard drive

Find out if an application is currently running

How to use a Window's class name to determine whether one or more instances of an application is currently running

Network User Name

Retrieve the network login ID of the user

Current Computer Name

Retrieve the network name for the local machine

Retrieve Windows/System/Temp Directories

Find out the location of some of the standard folders

How to play WAV/MIDI/AVI files

How to use the API to play multimedia files

Use GetSystemMetrics to return System specific information

Retrieve various widths and heights of display elements and configuration settings

Find class names of a running application

Use this routine to print out the Class name of all applications currently running on the system

Create/return a unique temp file

Use GetTempFileName API to create a temporary file in Windows' temp folder

Read a Value from Registry

How to read a particular key's value in the Registry

How do I quit Windows from Access?

Shutdown the machine

How to retrieve information about a specific Locale

Detect the user's/system's Locale specific settings (enumerated in HKCU\Control Panel\International or HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\NLS)

Start Registered applications with ShellExecute

Let Windows start the application associated with a particular file extension

Manipulate Access Window

How to show, hide, minimize, and maximize the main Access window (hWndAccessApp)

Return Long or Short Filenames

Convert between Short File Names (8.3 convention) and Long File Names

Make it "Sleep"

Creating a code based delay

Disable Close button on maximized form

How to remove the restore and close standard Windows captionbar buttons from a maximized form

Retrieve executable's filename and path

Given a file extension, locate the associated executable's name and path

Daylight Savings Time & PreciseDateDiff

How to account for timezones

Close another Application

Using the Windows API to close another application

Copy a database

How to create a copy of the database

hWnd of Controls

Retrieving the elusive hWnd (handle) of Access's controls

Change cursor while editing

How to shrink/grow the caret in edit boxes

Detect Available Resolutions

Find out which resolutions are currently available on the system

Interrupt running code

How to use the keyboard to terminate loops in progress


Getting VB's AddressOf functionality in Access/Office 97 environment

Drag and Drop from Explorer

Subclassing a form to receive the WM_DROPFILES message when files are dragged and dropped from Explorer

Enumerating System Fonts

Calling EnumFontFamilies to enumerate installed fonts

Detect Application Activate/Deactivate

Processing WM_ACTIVATEAPP message to detect when your application receives and loses focus

Put an image in Access window

How to display images in Access's background by subclassing the MDIClient window

Track IntelliMouse's wheel

Keep a track of how many "ticks" have been sent to your application by Intellimouse's wheel

Suppress the "Printing" Dialog

Minimize the modal "Printing" dialog from the Timer event of a form

Suppress the "Loading Image" dialog

How to get rid of the "Loading Image" put up by the image import filter

Retrieve NT Server's Time

Using NetRemoteTOD API function to get a server's current time

Retrieve Current User's NT Domain

How to retrieve the Domain a user is logged into

Preventing Multiple Instances of a database

Using an application's TitleBar to detect any instances that may have been previously opened

Copy an image to the Clipboard

How to copy an embedded or linked image currently being displayed in an Image control to clipboard

Put a custom icon in the form's caption bar

How to display a custom icon in an Access's form caption bar

Displaying a custom Mouse icon

How to display different mouse cursors (including the Hand, default cursor for hyperlinks)

Subclassing form for SysTray functionality

Putting a form's Icon in the system tray and receiving mouse notifications

Replacement for Sendkeys

Use this API based routine to avoid using SendKeys at all in your code

Enabling Full Row Select in a ListView

How to enable FullRowSelect in a Listview

Enabling Full Row Select in a Treeview

How to enable a FullRowSelect in a Treeview

Copy variables/control contents to memory

How to send and retrieve content (values) from the clipboard

Rotate Text

How to display rotated text by using a label control

Read/Set Internet Explorer URL from code

Control currently open Internet Explorer sessions by reading or changing their Address values

Determining Combobox's Dropped state

How to find out if a combo box is currently open

Drawing images on an Access form

Can you draw images on an Access form like you can in VB?

Retrieving a Special Folder's location

Get the physical location of standard Windows folders

Retrieving Operating System Name

Which operating system is it?

Changing button captions in GetOpenFileName dialog

Using the OFN_ENABLEHOOK flag to display custom text on "Open" and "Cancel" buttons, and hiding other controls displayed in the dialog

Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a report's Preview Window

Control how the user can close a report by getting rid of the standard caption bar buttons

Enumerating user accounts in a NT Domain

How to list all the accounts available in a particular domain, and how to retrieve additional information (like full name) for accounts

Changing Access's Priority under NT/Win2000

Temporarily giving Access more CPU time by increasing it's Process priority

Calling Windows Choose Color Dialog

How to call the standard Windows ChooseColor dialog

Calling Windows Choose Font Dialog

How to call the standard Windows ChooseFont dialog

Return the UserID currently logged on a remote machine

Given a machine name, connect to the remote machine and retrieve the UserID from the registry

Close the VBE window in Access 2000

Use Win32 API functions to close the VBE window, if it's open

Change the ForeColor and Bold properties of a selected node in Treeview

Highlight the currently selected node at runtime

Get Version of Office Exes (detecting Office patches)

Load version information from the binary itself

Get full name of the user currently logged in to the system

Retrieve the full user name for a given user id

Perform IP Lookups and resolve addresses

Lookup IP addresses and resolve a given IP to retrieve the machine name it's bound to

Bypassing Autoexec

How to bypass the Autoexec macro in automation projects

Find out if the database container window is currently visible

How to determine if the database container window is currently visible or not

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