In Memoriam




Cheryl Fischer


Microsoft Access MVP


Born August 5, 1944 - Died July 20, 2004


The Lord takes the good ones early. May she rest in peace.


                                                                                                          --Arvin Meyer

Friend Cheryl Fischer -
patient, knowledgeable, wise -
Gone from us too soon
                          -- John W. Vinson


SELECT [Cheryl] INTO [PeacefulRest]
FROM [Earth]
HAVING [Talent]="Exceptional";

                   --LeAnne Astin

I feel as though I have lost a friend. Though my only contact with Cheryl was through newsgroup posts, I liked her. She was always cheerful, always kind, always patient. I'll miss her.
                                                -- Brendan Reynolds

Today is a sad day.
--  Tom Ellison

I will miss Cheryl. She was kind to me.
                                            --Stephen Lebans
Cheryl was certainly a valuable resource to the Access community.
                                                 -- Duane Hookom
  She was worthy.
                    -- Bruce M. Thompson

Top 10 Reasons Why MVP Cheryl Fischer Is Going To Heaven And Will Be Missed


10. Someone has to make sure all the service packs and updates are being applied up there. There is no "End of support life cycle" in that place.
9. God needed someone to manage a VERY extensive database of people, animals, celestial objects, etc.
8. Some 'fallen angel' was using the lookup field wizard up there and Cheryl was needed to clean things up.
7. Five loaves of bread and two fish fed 5000. Cheryl needs to write some functions to figure out how that happened.
6. Someone misplaced the Ark's database of animals and Cheryl is needed to re-create a new properly normalized one for historical purposes.
5. God thought the place needed a little "Accessorizing"
4. Managing God's contact list. Need I say more?
3. She gave, and gave, and gave, and gave, and gave......
2. With everything Cheryl did for others He thought it was time to return the favor and give her peace beyond understanding.
And the Number One reason why Cheryl Fischer is going to Heaven and will be SORELY missed:
1. Over 8,000 posts in the Access Newsgroups spread over many years. She gave of her own time and helped thousands and thousands of people around the world and never once asked for anything in return. Is there ANY doubt why she would not be going there?
My heart goes out to all her family, friends, and anyone touched by her life. You will be missed Cheryl.

    -- Jeff Conrad