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The Ten Commandments of Access



Mike B.
Marshall Barton
Fred Boer
Sandra Daigle
Dirk Goldgar
Eric L.
John W. Vinson
Arvin Meyer
And it came to pass that the cries and lamentations of the Access newbies were heard on high by the gods of the Database, and their hearts were moved to pity for their followers. And they opened their mouths and spake, saying: "Nevermore shall the young and innocent wander witless on their journeys!

We shall provide guidance to them, yea, and to all who wish to seek the paths of wisdom." And they caused these commandments to be written and placed before the eyes of those seeking enlightenment.

So heed the words of those who have come before you, and keep these commandments in thine heart as thou dost create thy Database application. If thou shalt only follow these commandments thy burden shall be made light and thy path shall be made straight.

  1. Thou shalt design normalized tables and understand thy fields and relationships before thou dost begin.
  2. Thou shalt never allow thy users to see or edit tables directly, but only through forms and thou shalt abhor the use of "Lookup Fields" which art the creation of the Evil One.
  3. Thou shalt choose a naming convention and abide by its wisdom and never allow spaces in thy names.
  4. Thou shalt write comments in your procedures and explain each variable.
  5. Thou shalt understand error handling and use it faithfully in all thy procedures.
  6. Thou shalt split thy databases.
  7. Thou shalt not use Autonumber if the field is meant to have meaning for thy users.
  8. Thou shalt not copy and paste other people's code without at least attempting to understand what it does.
  9. Thou shalt not use "SendKeys", "Smart Codes" or "GoTo" (unless the GoTo be part of an OnError process) for these will lead you from the path of righteousness.
  10. Thou shalt back-up thy database faithfully, working not on thy Production Database, but on the Prototype Copy, as it is right and good to do.

Thus spake the gods of the Database, and blessed be their names! And Blessed, too, are those who contribute to the Access Newsgroup - giving freely of themselves to serve those who hunger and thirst for knowledge and understanding!


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