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Convert Currency ($500) into words (Five Hundred Dollars)

Allows you to convert values into their monetary representation for check writing

Use variables to call functions

How to use Eval to call functions without knowing their names at design time

Read Word Document Properties (Author, Last Print Date etc.)

Read specific Document properties by automating Word

Return a concatenated list of sub-record values

How to "group" child records in one field

Opening another database in the same instance

How to open another database without shutting down Access

Sample Excel Automation

How to Automate Excel and write some values in specific cells

Run Excel Macros through Automation

How to run predefined macros in Excel workbooks via Automation

Concatenate fields in same table

Allows you to "group" values from a particular field in a table

Check to see if a File or Directory exists

Use Dir function to check for the existence of a file or folder

Filter a recordset

Dynamically filtering a recordset at runtime

Disable Shift key

How to disable the shift key in a database

Domain Aggregate Functions Replacements

Faster replacements for Domain functions (DLookup etc)

Use Class modules to return Dir and File names

A simple Explorer-like form 

Check if an object exists in the database

Allows you check for the existence of a particular object in a database


How to use simple ftp from VBA via a script file

Conquer RunCommand Constants

(The only!) Documentation for RunCommand (for both Access 97 and 2000) 

VB5 Switchboard Utility

A small systray app, the utility allows you to easily start different databases from a list

Import Outlook 98 messages

Wrapper class allows you to import messages from Outlook folders into native Access tables through CDO

Send Email using CDO/Outlook 98

Wrapper class allows you to send emails through CDO

VB5 Compact Database utility (Access 97)

Allows you to programmatically compact, and optionally reopen, a database in the same instance of Access by Shell'ing out

Maintain a history of changes

Demonstrates how to track changes made to fields in one or more tables

References Wizard

Allows you to check for, and fix, any broken references that may be present in a database (mdbs only)

Class Builder Wizard

Allows you to build skeleton for classes, including module level variables, methods, and properties

Compile And Save All Modules

How to programmatically issue  acCmdCompileAndSaveAllModules

PrivDBEngine and Startup Properties

Allows you to programmatically start a new instance of the DBEngine

Forms Format Wizard

Allows you to change the format of forms, form sections, text boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, and labels on forms "in bulk"

Bills of Materials

Allows you to decompose an assembly into its component items

Using WithEvents to get saved filenames

Shows you how to prompt users for a filename to save Excel and Word files through Automation and return the filename to Access

Convert an Access 97 database to Access 95 format

VB utility to convert an Access 97 database to Access 95 format via Automation

Compactor Addin for Access 97, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Allows you to programmatically compact the currently open database and optionally reopen it in the same Access instance

Code Comment Builder Wizard

Allows you to block comment or uncomment code or a procedure, add and remove line numbers, and build a new procedure skeleton for your VBA project 

Class Information Wizard

Provides information about Win32 windows and applications much like Visual Studio's Spy++

TSI Synchronizer

Provides you programmatic access to many replication features that were previously not available or only available through UI based tools

Creating a reference to a Class in a Library database

How to expose a public class through a referenced addin

Transferring Records to Excel with Automation

Sample code on using CopyFromRecordset to transfer data to Excel via Automation

Specify UserName & Password for new Access instance

How to open a database with either the database password or mdw security through Automation

Internet Data Transfer Library

Allows you to programmatically upload and download files via FTP, and download a valid URL via HTTP protocols without requiring Web Browser control.  The downloaded HTTP URL can also be parsed by new code in order to read stock quotes.

Determining who has Word Doc file open

How to determine if a Word document is currently open; and if open, how to retrieve the username that has it open

Getting the Decompile and Compact context menu options

Creates two new options on the right-click context menu when you right click an Access database in Explorer

CodeWriter 2.0

Allows you to easily create a code skeleton for new functions

VBA Developer's Handbook - Replacement for functions in Chapter 12 

Fix for the buggy dhDelTree procedure

Scheduler Utility

Allows you to schedule specific tasks, such as opening databases or compacting them, at specified times.

Opening a new Word document based on a template through Automation

Automate Word to create a new document based on the specified template

Determining the number of dimensions for an array

How to determine the number of dimensions in an array without using any API functions

Backup Wizard

Allows you to maintain text file based backups of individual Access database objects

Exporting an Excel worksheet as a CSV file

How to write out a custom CSV file from Excel

Spelling number, in many languages (PolyGlot Number Speller)

How to spell numbers in English, French, or Italian. Other languages can also be added

Rotate Label ActiveX Control

Allows you to produce rotated text in Access 

TSI Xpression 9.0

Getting back the Expression Builder in Access 2000

TSI Form/Report to Data Access Page Wizard

Converts existing Access 2000 forms and reports to Data Access Pages

File Search and Properties Object

Recursively searches the hard drive for files, provides each access to file properties such as last accessed time stamp, created time stamp, size, type, and for dll's, their export table

Access 2000: Using DAO code in ADPs

Allows you to take an ADO connection object to either a Jet or a SQL Server database, and convert it to a DAO database object

File Change Notification Component

Set up watches on one or more folders (optionally the entire subfolder tree) so that any changes made to the folders result in a notification being sent back to you

Implementing a custom Rounding procedure

From "Visual Basic Language Developer's Handbook" - Implement Rounding in code properly

LDB Viewer Form

Retrieves information about users connected to the database, including the UserID under Windows NT/2000

Search Wizard

Searches for the occurrences of a given string in Access 2000 objects

Reading Text Files

Allows you to flexibly read text files

Text Export Class

Allows you to easily export information

Class for sending emails through GroupWise

Allows you to send emails through 32 bit GroupWise

File Slice Wizard

Takes big files, cuts them into smaller ones and creates a batch file to glue them back together again

TSI Word to the Wise

Prevent database corruption due to the file being opened in Word

Automating Internet Explorer 5

How to save a HTML file currently being displayed in IE, and parse out the HTML Elements

Validation with Regular Expressions

How to use regular expressions to validate almost anything

DNSStripper Utility

How to convert SQL Server links to DNS-less links

AccessCheck Utility

Update an outdated local MDB file with a master version

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