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Use Variables in SQL behind forms

Proper syntax for concatenating values stored in typed variables into a SQL statement

Find out if a form is open

Use the Syscmd function (or cycle through the Forms collection) to determine whether a form is currently open in design or runtime mode

Cycle through controls with common names

Simulate control arrays in Access

Enumerate all controls on a form

How to generically cycle through all the controls in a form

Have the form move to the record selected in List/Combo box

Use the Bookmark property to move to a record

Return Strings from Option Groups

Use the AfterUpdate event of the option group to map integer values to strings

Use Multi-Select List boxes as query parameters

Use the ItemsSelected collection to construct a dynamic SQL statement

Grab what the user has typed in a control (uncommitted value)

Use the Text property when the Value property of a textbox will refer to old data

Fill Fields automatically on form based on a control's value

Perform automatic lookups

Detect new record in a form

Determine when the user is positioned at the end of a recordset in a bound form

Move cursor to the end of text in a textbox

Prevent automatic selection of text in a textbox

Carry current value of a control to new records

Use the DefaultValue property of a control to carry over the last typed information

Form doesn't open as Modal even though Modal property is set to true

Use the Modal window argument value to suspend code in the calling form

Suspend code until a popup form is closed

Use the Modal window argument value to suspend code in the calling form

Add item to combo box using OnNotinList event

Allow the user to enter new values in a bound combo box

Disable PgUp/PgDown keys in a form

Use the KeyDown event to filter out keystrokes

Determine name of parent form

Use the OpenArgs argument to pass the name of the calling form

Resolve #Name error in a form/report

Avoid circular references in a form or a report

Use ControlTipText to display textbox value

Display the value of a control as the control's ControlTipText

Make a label flash

Use a form's Timer event to simulate flashing of a label

Delete current record

How to delete the current record

#Error when the Subform has no records

Prevent Null values from showing up as #Error in a subform

Cannot ApplyFilter on SubForm

Use code to dynamically generate the SQL to filter a subform

Colors and Continuous forms

Sample of how to perform conditional formatting in subforms

Refer to Controls on a tabbed form

Proper syntax for referring to tabbed controls

Duplicate "Record x of y"

Build your own navigation buttons

Ask before saving record

Simulate a "Save Event" for a form

Limit content of combo/list boxes

Filter combo boxes and list boxes from code

Hide a subform if no records present

How to use the RecordsetClone object to hide a subform

Handle/Display images in forms/database

Information on how to properly display images in an Access database

Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls

Proper syntax for referring to controls (or walking object heirarchies)

Create a clock on a form

How to use a form's Timer event to simulate a clock

Determine selected records in datasheet view

How to use SelTop, SelHeight properties to determine the selected rows

Open a form in an external database

Use automation to open an external form

Set defaults for Find Dialog Box

How to set defaults for the Find Dialog box

Form only allows new records to be entered

Set a form's Data Entry property appropriately

OnMouseOver Effect

How to use OnMouseMove event to highlight a control similar to the web browsers

Control Arrays in Access

How to simulate control arrays in Access

Tooltips don't seem to work

How to bring appropriate controls to the foreground at design time

Close all open forms and "For Each" syntax

How to properly close all the open forms

Make Numeric and Date fields respond to Plus or Minus keys

Simulate Up-Down control functionality in an Access form

Move and Resize form windows from code

Use Windows API to move and position forms from code

Adding 'All' to a listbox or combobox

Add a custom value as one of the options present in a listbox or combobox

Displaying photos in a form

Information on how to properly display images in an Access database

Adding a Search form to a database

A generic search form that allows the user to create/view/export ad hoc SQL queries (uses DAO)

Display a dialog box for a specified duration

How to implement a timeout for a dialog box

Changing the Background Color of the Current Record in a Continuous Form

Another sample of how to perform conditional formatting in subforms

First Control in a Read Only subform retains focus

Simulate a locked subform by moving the focus to a tiny control

Callback function for a Multi Column List box

How to fill a multi-column, multi-row listbox with a callback function specified in the RowSourceType property of the listbox

Mini Calendar

Generic Calendar form that allows the user to select a specific date; uses other samples from this site

Clock From Around The World

Shows you your Local Machine Time, Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and a time from a Time Zone that you choose from a combo box

Calendar Month View

Draw Calendar MonthView control directly from the APIs

Shaped Forms

Use Win32 API to give your forms irregular shapes

TSI Subforminator!

Workaround for in place editing of subforms in Access 2000

Continuous Forms

Solid Block Font for use on continuous forms in Access 97.

Update All Open Forms

Requery all open forms and return to last record.

Calendar without ActiveX

Date Picker without ActiveX control.

Use the Column Property of a Combo Box

Use the Column Property of a Combo box to fill a text box.


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