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Queries: Index of Articles

Use a parameter to return all records if Null

How to optionally return all records if no value for parameter was specified, that is, it was left NULL

Return database object names

Query the MSysObjects table to return database object names

Open Parameter queries from code

Syntax for opening a recordset on parameter queries from code

Have query return highest/lowest value in a field

How to use the TopValues property

Use a variable in a field's criteria

How to return a variable's value through a function for use in a query

Have a query return every nth record in a table

Use a function with a static variable to return every nth record from a table

Find Unmatched records between two tables

Use the build in wizards

Find Duplicate key values

Use the built in wizards

Solving problems with Dates in SQL

Dates in Access are in US format by default

Create a query that returns Top n records

How to use the Top predicate in SQL

Create a query that returns Random records

How to use a randomizer function

Turn off the default Action query confirmations

How to suppress confirmation dialogs

Too few parameters, expected n

How to identify parameters in inline SQL and correctly provide values via concatenation 

Simplify action queries in code

How to organize multiple SQL statements that are run in a sequence

Handling floating-point, Currency, and Decimal Datatype in SQL

Avoid problems with locales where the decimal point is the separator

Finding all X having all required Y

Steps on how to return records that match the specified criteria 

Fixed column name and crosstabs

Control column names produced by a crosstab query

Continuous sequence, maximum length (stroke)

How to retrieve continuous sequence via SQL

Quartiles, Percentiles

How to calculate Quartiles and Percentiles

Getting a related field from a GroupBy (total) query

How to get additional fields in a Totals query

Merging sequences

How to merge sequences through SQL

Jet-MSDE: DELETE * FROM Table1; Incorrect syntax near '*'

Differences between Jet's ANSI SQL and SQL Server's Transact-SQL

BOM, with Joe Celko Nested Sets

A SQL approach to BOM


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