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Tables: Index Of Articles

How to find out if a table exists in a database

Enumerate the Tabledefs collection to find a match for the name of a table

Too many fields defined" error message

How to reset Access's internal counter

Referential Integrity between databases

Referential Integrity is not possible with attached databases

Hide a table in Database Window

The only safe way to hide a table in the database window

Have Autonumber field start from a value different from 1

How to set the starting value for an autonumber field to any number you want

How to perform Seek on Linked Tables

In order to use seek on a linked table, you must first open the database in code

Retrieve linked database namepath

How to parse the ConnectString property of a tabledef to return the database name

Create Hyperlink Field from code

How to set the Attributes property of a field object to create a hyperlink field

Relink Access tables from code

How to link Jet tables from code

Relink ODBC tables from code

How to link ODBC tables from code

Oracle Synonyms

Synonyms don't allow you to specify the index field

Relink tables from different datasources

How to link tables from varying datasources

Sub-classing Entities

How to properly include all of the attributes of all the types in one table

Creating DSNs from code

How to use Windows API to create DSNs from code

Synchronization without Replication

How to manually synchronize records

Creating an AutoNumber field from code

How to set the Attributes property of a field object to create an autonumber field

Lookup Table Manager

Class to handle all the Insert's/Update's and deletes on the back end and synchronize them with the front end

Recover records from a corrupt table

Move data from an old table to a new table one row at a time

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