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Welcome to The Access Web's Downloads section.  All utilities and addins  here are free and you are allowed to use them as part of your own applications.  If you are going to redistribute any code or utility,  please be courteous to the original authors by mentioning their contributions and by following any copyright guidelines the author may have provided along with the utility or code.

Please take a moment to read the code distribution guidelines and Terms Of Use.

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 Download The Access Web (Access 2000)

[ 986.48 KB (1,010,152 bytes) ] Thanks to Douglas J. Taylor Jr.,  the entire website is downloadable as an Access 2000 database. (Extract all files to a new directory)  [ Updated November 6th, 2000 ]

 Download The Access Web (Access 97)

[ 1,690.99 KB (1,731,570 bytes) ] Thanks to Douglas J. Taylor Jr.,  the entire website is downloadable as an Access 97 database. (Extract all files to a new directory)  [ Updated November 6th, 2000 ]

 Acc Rotext WMF [ Go To Top ]

From Stephen Lebans. This is a sample database containing a Rotate Text function. This Updated version offers resolution independent Rotated Text using Enhanced Metafiles. New Version 2.0 can now be used in Design or Runtime Form/Report view. Add a few lines of code to achieve a "bound" control for runtime rotated text without having to use an ActiveX control. WORKS under WINDOWS NT!


From Paul Litwin. Update an outdated local MDB file with a master versionNotes

 Access Reg

From Dev Ashish. (Access 97)-Creates a Compact and Decompile context menu option in Explorer. Notes

 App User

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. An Access 2000 form that reads the machine name and determines the userid of the users currently connected to the database. Notes

 Attendance Calendar

From Ray Corbin. Monthly calendar form with click-on-the-date to record student or employee attendance.

 AutoSize TextBox

From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing functions to automatically resize a TextBox control to fit the current fields contents. Uses the DrawText API with the CALCRECT FLAG to calculate the control's dimensions required to hold the current data.

 Backup Wizard [ Go To Top ]

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Allows the user/developer to save database objects as text files during development.  Also includes a Restore from Text file feature.  Notes


From Trevor Best. replacements for the built in Domain Aggregate functions (DMin/DMax etc.)


From Robin Stoddard-Stone. Bill of Materials Processor.

 Bookmark Bug

From Keri Hardwick, Andy Baron, and Terry Kreft. Sample database with documentation on how to reproduce the latest Access bug along with solutions.

 Calculator [ Go To Top ]

From Terry Kreft. A ready-to-use Calculator form.  Access 97 version.

 Calendar (API)

From Pedro Gil. demonstrates how to invoke the Calendar Month View ocx from API functions. Notes

 Celko-BOM (Bill Of Materials)

From Michel Walsh. A SQL approach to Bill Of Materials. (in English & French) Notes

 Chart Export

From Graeme Wilson. How to export/email Graph 97 charts from Access.

 Check Combo Drop State

From Stephen Lebans & Dev Ashish.  The database demonstrates two methods of detecting if a combo box on an Access form is currently open, or in a dropped down state.

 Choose Windows Font and Color Dialog boxes

From Terry Kreft & Stephen Lebans.  How to call the standard Windows ChooseColor and ChooseFont dialogs. Notes 1 Notes 2

 Class Builder Wizard

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Automates generation of Class Modules in Access 97.  Notes

 Class Information Wizard

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft.  Class Information Wizard can be used to gain information about windows and applications. Notes


From Pedro Gil. Access 97 database allowing you to view different time zone related information. Notes

 Code Comment Builder Wizard

From Terry Kreft & Dev Ashish.  Use it to comment, un-comment code segments; add standard comments to procedures, insert or remove line numbers, and create a function or subroutine template including error handling code and comments. /accessfr/ 

 Code Writer v2

From Arvin Meyer. CodeWriter is a utility designed to reduce the repetitive tasks of filling in the initial code title block and comments, and to ease the effort in writing message box code.

 Color 95

From {unkonwn}.Demonstration of how to use Format statement to highlight controls in a continuous form.  Access 95 version.

 Color 97

From {unkonwn}.Demonstration of how to use Format statement to highlight controls in a continuous form.  Access 97 version.

 Color Con

From Kevin Gray. Another demo on conditional formatting in continuous forms.   Access 97 version.

 Command Button

From Stephen Lebans. This database containing functions to allow a user defined BackColor and Rotated Text for Command Buttons.

 CommDlg Preview

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Access 97 database demonstrating how to hook a custom procedure to FileOpen dialog, and subclassing the dialog to dock an Access form with an Image control to act as a Preview pane. Contains Ken Getz's and Michael Kaplan's AddrOf function for Access 97.


From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft.  Access 97 Database Compactor Addin.  Uses Automation to close the currently open database.   Notes

 Con Form

From James H Brooks. A demo on how to highlight the current record in continuous forms.

 Date 97 [ Go To Top ]

From Thomas M. Brittell. Demonstrating how to perform date calculations.  Samples on some of the most common date questions.

 Do They Exist

From Thomas M. Brittell. sample database with code on how to check if a particular object exists.   Access 97 version.


From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. VB 5 exe with source code; Automates conversion of an Access 97 database into an Access 95 mdb. Notes

 DNS Stripper

From Paul Litwin. How to convert SQL Server links to DNS-less links Notes

 Edit Wrong Record Bug (Word file) [ Go To Top ]

From Keri Hardwick. Description of the bug where edits made to a record are saved to a different record. Notes


From Dev Ashish. Demonstration of how to use ShellExecute API to create a new email message.   Access 97 version.

 Excel Compare 97

From Dev Ashish. Excel 97 utility to perform a sheet by sheet, cell by cell comparison on two workbooks and present the differences in a new workbook.


From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Access does not have the standard DirListBox and FileListBox VB controls.  Therefore,  in order to read folder and file information,  you must use code.  Download this sample database that shows you how to use a class module to retrieve directory's content.

 File Change Notify [ Go To Top ]

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. (Build 1.02.0004). Allows you to set up watches on one or more folders (optionally including the entire subfolder tree) so that any changes made to the folders result in a notification being sent back to you. The notification event depends on the kind of watch you've set up on a folder (for example, notify on size changes and creates) and contains information about the specific file that has been changed. Notes


From Dev Ashish & Terry KreftFile Search and Properties Object (Build 2.01.0043). Allows you to search for files, retrieve information about a file (various times, attributes, size etc.), and read the export table of dlls and ocxs. Notes

 Find Record 97

From Dev Ashish & Terry KreftSearch Form (Access 97 format): Allows the user/developer to design ad hoc queries by using a form.  Notes

 Find Record 2000

From Dev Ashish & Terry KreftSearch Form (Access 2000 format): Allows the user/developer to design ad hoc queries by using a form.  Notes (Requires DAO Reference)

 Format By Criteria Ver2

From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing functions to allow Criteria based formatting a Form in Continuous Form's View. This version includes 3 functions for Forms in Continuous View. (1) Highlight Row based on user defined Criteria. (2) Highlight Selected Row (Current Record). (3) Highlight Alternate Rows (Banding)

 Form Window (bas module)

From Nicole Calinoiu. Use Windows API to move and position forms from code. Notes

 Forms Wizard

From Terry Kreft. The Forms Format Wizard can be used to change the format of Forms, Form Sections, Text Boxes, List Boxes, Combo Boxes and Labels on forms. Notes

 Grid Report (Access 97) [ Go To Top ]

From Pierre Tessier. How to draw grid lines in an Access report.


From Dimitri Furman. A class to allow sending emails through 32 bit GroupWise. Notes

 GrowBox 97

From Thomas M. Brittell. Demonstration of how to grow boxes around text in reports.  Access 97 version.

 History [ Go To Top ]

From Gary Labowitz. A Sample database explaining how to track record changes in one or more table. Notes

 Image Class Ver 11 [ Go To Top ]

From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing a Class to partially mimic the functionality of a VB Standard PictureBox control. The Class is a wrapper for a standard Access Image control. The Class exposes a handle for a Device Context for use in API Graphics Library calls. Allows for drawing/printing on your Form at Runtime!

 Image in MDIClient Window  bas module  class file

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. How to display images in Access's background by subclassing the MDIClient window.  Notes

 Internet Data Transfer Library

From Dev Ashish & Terry KreftAccess 97 Internet Data Transfer Library: The InetTransferLib can be used to transfer binary or text files to and from web servers which support HTTP and FTP protocols.  Notes

 Justi Direct [ Go To Top ]

From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing Functions to produce fully justified text within standard TextBox controls on your Reports. Allows a standard Access TextBox, bound to a Memo field to not only produce fully justified text, but use the CanGrow/CanShrink properties as well. Version 2 fixes two bugs. You now are not required to have the KeepTogether property set to YES. Further the functions now recognize the blank area that can develop between the last row of the Detail section and the top of the Page Footer. The CanGrow property is now handled correctly when the data carries over to the next page. You can have a Memo field that spans more than 1 page. Written completely in VBA. No DLL's or runtime files required. Full source is included. Updated Version 2.0.


From Dimitri Furman. From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing functions to center and right justify data for List and Combo Boxes.  Major changes for Version 2.0 are: Use standard API's instead of functions exposed in Access EXE; Handles Multiple Columns; One Function for both Center and Right Alignment; Huge increase in function execution speed; Clean code with comments.

 KB [ Go To Top ]

From Arvin Meyer. A database built from the indices on the Knowledge Base and the MS Download Files. For the KB or downloads, you can click on the file in the continuous form, then on the QNumber in the header, and it will parse out the correct "/" stuff. Then click on the URL/FTP label and it will take you directly to the KB article or the file.

 KnowHow 3.0

From Klaus Oberdalhoff (in German). A collection of huge number of tips and code samples gleamed from the German Access newsgroups.

 Limit Chars in Memo fields [ Go To Top ]

From Stephen Lebans (portions © Access 97 Developer's Handbook, by Litwin, Getz, and Gilbert (Sybex)). Demonstrates how to limit Total Characters and/or Total Lines in a TextBox bound to a Memo Field.

 Line Numbers

From André Gotlieb: Line Numbers is a COM Addin for Access 2000 that allows you to automatically add/remove line numbers from modules.

 Lookup Table Manager

From Pedro Gil, Class to handle all the Insert's/Update's and deletes on the back end and synchronize them with the front end. Notes

 MAPIStuff [ Go To Top ]

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Access 97 database containing two class modules to send emails and importing messages using Outlook 98.

 MDB Compact

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. A VB5 utility that can compact Access 97 databases and re-open them from code.  Notes


From Drew Wutka, a calendar form without using any third party controls. Access 97 version.

 Mouse Wheel Form (text file)

From Larry Christopher. Keep a track of how many "ticks" have been sent to your application by Intellimouse's wheel.  Notes

 Nomen 97 [ Go To Top ]

From Thomas M. Brittell,  sample database demonstrating Generic Name Structures in Access.   Access 97 version.

 Obdwinwd [ Go To Top ]

From Klaus Oberdalhoff (in German). This Demo not only needs Access 97 but also WinWord 97. Also a WinWord template, containing the specific bookmarks. It shows how to manipulate Word templates through Automation.

 One To One

From Rebecca Riordan; Sample database to go along with Sub-classing Entities article.

 Orders.mdb and Solutions.mdb

Sample databases originally distributed with Access 2000. These can be converted to other versions.

 Polyglot [ Go To Top ]

From Michel Walsh (Vanderghast) & Pedro Gil, allows you to Spelling number, in many languages (PolyGlot Number Speller) Notes


From Stephen Lebans. Create Vertical lines, Borders and boxes with VBA code. Demonstrates how to create a margin for your TextBox, how to Draw Vertical lines the entire vertical length of your Report, how to Draw a Grid, how to force the contents of a Memo field to fit within a fixed sized control.


From Marc Chouteau; How to create a ProgressBar without any API or OCX.

 QBF [ Go To Top ]

Access 97 Filter-by-Form Example for Run-Time Applications: Contains a database created by Ken Getz that demonstrates how to create a custom Filter-By-Form that you can use in any Microsoft Access 97 application, including a run-time application.

 Read Text File [ Go To Top ]

From Chuck Grimsby. A flexible class for reading text files from code.  Notes

 References Wizard

From Terry Kreft. (Access 97 Addin) Checks and makes sure that the references in a database are valid.   Notes

 Rotate Label OCX

From Stephen Lebans. VB6 ActiveX control to rotate text in any direction.  Works in both bound forms and reports.  Notes

 Scheduler [ Go To Top ]

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. The Scheduler utility can be used to launch applications at specified time of day.  Notes

 Search Wizard

From Dev Ashish & Terry Kreft. Access 2000 Wizard, allows you to search a database for occurrences of a string.  Notes


From Terry Kreft. The Secure Database can be used to get access to and change the start-up properties of a secured database.

 Security Bug

From Tom van Stiphout; Maximum length strings cause Security Wizard to crash.

 Seg 97

From Thomas M. Brittell.  This .mdb demonstrates a function that will chop up a text string into segments based on a delimiter such as a comma. This can be used when several parameters are passed from one form to another through the argument parameter. For example, "DoCmd.OpenFormStrOpenFormNm, , , , , , openargs" where " openargs " is a text string of arguments being passed to the next form being opened.

 Shaped Form

From Pedro Gil, shows how to draw irregular forms with Win32 API. Notes

 Slice Wizard

From Terry Kreft. Wizard to slice and put back together large files.  Notes


From Marc Chouteau; How to display and resize splitter panes in an Access form.

 Syntax for sub forms

From Keri Hardwick. Word document on how to reference forms, subforms, and controls.

 Text Export [ Go To Top ]

From Dimitri Furman. A class to allow exporting text files from an Access database. Notes

 UpDown Controls [ Go To Top ]

From Marc Chouteau; How to create updown controls in VBA for Access forms.

 Use Pic

From Klaus Oberdalhoff (in German). Demonstrates how to handle pictures in Access databases.

 Zoom In-Out Image [ Go To Top ]

From Stephen Lebans. This is a database containing methods to allow you to simulate Zooming In or Out on an Image control. Also demonstrates how to add ScrollBars to allow the user to pan/view an Image larger than the Form.

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