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General: Index of Articles

Convert Access databases to Executables

Available alternatives to creating mdb exes (not possible)

Automatically resize forms to current screen resolution

Dynamically resize forms and controls at runtime to match the users settings for screen resolution

Access, Office and Year 2000

How does the Year 2000 issue affect Access and Office

Determine name of sub/function where error occurred

How to determine at runtime, the function where the error was generated, or walking the call stack

Prevent Access from closing

Simple, clean, and user friendly way of allowing Access to close only if certain criteria are met

Reset Autonumber field in Table

How to reset an Autonumber field so that it starts from zero again

Get path and file name of Current database

Retrieve just the file name or the full path to the database currently open in Access

Importing Excel spreadsheets from code

Syntax for importing specific sheets or ranges from Excel files through TransferSpreadSheet method

Send Fax/Email from Access

Built in and third party solutions to add faxing and emailing capabilities to a database

Run Word 97 MailMerge

Use Automation to start Word and fire off a mailmerge sequence

Some Access specifications

The "limits" of Access

Commonly used naming conventions

Leszynski/Reddick Guidelines for naming conventions in Access

Why CompactCurrentDatabase doesn't work from code

How to compact and automatically reopen the current database 

Learn about the new Access Virus

How does the virus affect a database

Run Dos Batch files from Access

How to shell out to a batch file from VBA

Cannot open Access 97 database in previous versions

No Access version, so far, has been backwards compatible

Automation object doesn't close automatically

Setting an automation object to Nothing does not guarantee that the object will be automatically terminated

DLookup Usage Samples

Syntax for looking up various data types via the Domain functions

Use LIKE in queries and code

Syntax for using the LIKE predicate in SQL

Inputbox and Password Masks

InputBox's cannot carry the password mask (not easily anyway)

How to create Shortcuts on Desktop

VBA does not support creating shortcuts

Duplicate VBA code in Perl using OLE

An automation sample done in Perl

Generic Name Structures in Access

How to use a generic name structure to store names of individuals, employees, companies, organizations etc.

Troubleshoot conversion to Access 97 problems

Conversion TroubleShooter provided by Microsoft PSS

Use Autonumbers properly

What can Autonumbers be used for, and what should you expect from them

Connect your database to the web

How to connect your database to the web via ODBC/IDC

Runtime command line argument doesn't work

An Access database cannot be thrown in runtime mode in a full installation without the mso97rt.dll

Run wizards from code

How to call various Access wizards from code

Replace the Access splash screen

How to display a customized splash screen when Access is launched

Reading a drive's Volume Label

Use Dir function to read a drive's volume label

Show/Hide database window from code

How to show and hide the database container window from code

Email/Export Charts from Access

How to export a Graph 97 chart from Access so that the image can be emailed

Jet 4.0 Replication

Compelling reasons to use Replication in Jet 4

Who's logged in?

Determine which users are currently logged into the database

Copy CommandBars and Import/Export Specifications to a new database

How to copy the system tables to a new database

Displaying IP Addresses by using an Input mask

Use an Input Mask to format IP addresses

What was that password again?

Programmatically retrieve a database's password

Bits and Bitmasks

How to use Bitmasks to handle multiple flags

Access 2000: Hiding Replace Tab in Find/Replace Dialog

How to hide the Replace tab in the new Find-Replace dialog

Securing AllowBypassKey

Running the AllowBypassKey sample from Help without specifying the DDL flag still leaves a hole open

Access 2000 - 2002: Compact the Current Database

Compact the current database from a command button


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